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The lecture of our product Matlantis at nanotech 2024

We have given the lecture of our product Matlantis at nanotech2024 held this month. We are so honored to able to hear good reputations from the audiences and thank you so much for stopping by our booth. The lecture materials will be made available to the public, so please take a look.


Applications and Challenges in Computational Materials Development using Atomistic Simulator Matlantis


  • Overview of Matlantis: A universal atomistic-level simulator
  • Recent applications of Matlantis in corporate research and development.
  • Business needs and challenges



Akihiro Naogya is a senior manager at Preferred Networks, Inc.
He received his master degree in engineering science from University of Osaka in 2007. After he graduated the school, He has been engaged in materials simulation and MI in corporate research laboratories for 15 years. Engaged in a wide range of materials development from solid state materials such as solar cell materials, electrochemical catalysts, secondary batteries, graphene, polymers, etc.
Joined ENEOS in 2022 and in his current position from 2023, Matlantis customer success, technical leadership, and overseas operations.